Our Services and Website Content

Our Services and Website Content

This website is like the most comprehensive blog on online casino games. We constantly provide our readers with only the most relevant and reliable information about the intricacies of making real money on gambling. To all this, we do not write one-size-fits-all articles, and we are constantly experimenting and providing a variety of instructions and vulnerabilities in online gambling. 

Our site has many subsections with many unique articles. You can read information about:

  • Mobile applications for iOS, Android and other devices;
  • Online casino bonuses;
  • Existing games;
  • Payment systems.

In addition to the basics, our website is also rich with all sorts of other articles. Thanks to our interactive menu, you can easily find the content you’re looking for. With it, you can find anything on the subject of online casinos and existing gambling. You can also discover more information using the search button. You can also write to us by special email.

Responsible Gaming

We should also warn you that we only do reviews as accurate as possible about how the different slots or other gambling games work. Therefore, we are not responsible for the fact that something does not work out during your playing sessions. Since many factors can cause a slot machine not to perform as well as in our reviews, this could be due to a poor Internet connection or RNG features that sometimes lead to unpredictable gameplay.

After reading our articles, we do not pretend to be a financial or business assistant, so you should always consider your decision. You should be aware that you always run the risk of losing it when playing for real money. Decide if you have a gambling addiction because a gambling addiction cannot stop and lose all your possessions and remain in debt. If you don’t think you have a gambling addiction, then decide for yourself whether to gamble or not.

Based on this, Smart Casino is in no way financially responsible for the fact that you may make a mistake at an online casino. You fully agree that you assume all risks associated with your games.

Once you have started browsing through our site, you also need to confirm that you are 18 years or older. Therefore, if you are under a certain age, you must leave this site immediately.

Property Rights

Also, we would like to inform you that our site is fully licensed. All data, our articles and reviews, images, photos and other content are fully protected by copyright laws. You may not copy our content or post it on your behalf. Under no circumstances may users and readers be allowed to transfer texts from our site. In the case of anyone breaking this rule, it will be a violation of international law.

Third-party websites

Our articles may contain links to third party websites. This is primarily for the convenience of our users. For example, they can only be good-looking links to official online casino sites or links to download an app. Smart Casino does not own and is not responsible for the sites, nor for any of their functions or services, and you do so solely at your own risk. We do not have ads – only reviews on the basis of which you draw your conclusions.

The commercial relationship with Smart Casino

At the moment, we don’t have any job vacancies or advertising space, and Smart Casino exists solely thanks to a team of enthusiasts.

Privacy and cookie files

Our website is completely open to all visitors and readers, and we do not require you to have your bank accounts or statements and other documents. We reserve the right to collect some cookies, and you can read about this in a separate article. In short, this is harmless information to make our website even better. 

We do warn you right away that our site uses cookies. You can either accept this option or disable it. Here are instructions for different browsers on how to disable it:

  • Google Chrome. Open Chrome on your computer, go to Menu > Settings > Privacy and Security > Cookies and Other Site Data > Block all cookies. 
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We are a fully certified and legal website in India, and you can safely read our content and draw your conclusions from it. On that basis, you still cannot copy our articles and publish them on your behalf. So follow the rules and enjoy the content on our site.